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Positive self image is key to happier relationships.

Couples, Adolescents, Children and Families

Individuals become empowered when they discover their unique value and genuine worthiness through person centered counseling. Very often self-images are tied to surrounding relationships. Strengthening emotional connections through relationship counseling, in all stages and combinations of relationships, provides individuals  with skills to remain authentic within their environment. We offer a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels safe to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen family ties.  

Depression, anxiety, substance, addiction, and co-occurring disorders are treatable

Co-Occurring disorders: Mental Health and Substance Use

Symptoms of substance abuse or addiction often mask underlying mental illness, just as symptoms of mental illness can be confused with symptoms of addiction.   Frequently, people with mental health disorders fail to address their substance use because they don’t believe it is relevant to their problems.  Due to contemporary research, we now acknowledge the extent to which co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders impact one another and therefore, must be treated together.  Clients seeking treatment for co-occurring disorders to address a dual diagnosis are taught to develop and follow a recovery plan for their mental illness that supports and complements the recovery plan for their addiction. 

Hope based Christian counseling

Hope Based Christian Counseling

Religion and spirituality have been found to be effective bridges toward healing, resilience and overall happiness.  Christian based counseling addresses the spiritual essence of an individual and infuses the therapeutic process with hope and awareness of grace.  Upon request, we offer the empirically supported Hope Focused Couples Approach (HFCA) to improve relationships,  Grace Based Parenting to enhance family counseling as well as Christian Counseling for individuals.

multicultural counseling

Terapia para Familias, Parejas e Individuos.

Su salud y bienestar emocional son  importantes para nosotros.  Le ayudaremos a mejorar sus relaciones interpersonales, brindamos las herramientas necesarias para su desenlvolvimiento  personal .  Para nosotros es importante el poder brindar servicios a la comunidad Latina.  

A veces coexisten los problemas de salud mental y los trastornos de uso de sustancias.  Lo ayudara a mantener una salud mental proactiva y eficiente al ayudarlo a eliminar su dependencia de las substancias controladas, mientras recupera su bienestar emocional.  

Family and Couples Couseling

Our Unique Approach to Family and Couples Counseling

First Step Wellness offers a unique approach to couples and family counseling which we call Collaborative Relational Counseling. Individual members of a couple or family can first be paired with their own counselor to develop personal strength, gain effective communication skills, and/or obtain emotional stability.  Then, when all parties decide they are ready, our counselors facilitate blended sessions with all affected members, ensuring clients feel supported, safe, prepared and empowered to do the challenging but rewarding work of relational counseling. This approach of preliminary individual counseling in tandem with a professional collaboration between therapists, enables sessions to become more productive, meaningful, and effective. First Step Wellness is in business to guide your journey toward a healthier you and healthier relationships. If you are in a struggling partnership, or are having trouble finding peace at home, Collaborative Relational Counseling may be a good option for you. 

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